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Fully customized workout plan

 When it comes to Fitness and creating programs there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and building a great program is beyond choosing the exercises or copying the same programs over and over for everyone hoping that it works.

We at Fit For Life Programs believe that everyone of you is SPECIAL and we treat you this way. And because everyone is here for different reasons and has different lifestyle, every workout program is Personalized based on your current stats, goal, gender, schedule, level of experience, age and place of training.

All the info to create the best diet plan

We created a calculator that helps you estimate your daily Calories and Macros (protein, carb, fat) to set a starting point to build your PERSONAL diet that fits your lifestyle and to achieve your goal on the short and long term. You will also get all the needed information about our diet strategy, how to follow it and how to keep going and progressing.

We have also created a basic grocery list for you with nutrition information for every single food on the list to help you build the needed knowledge about food. Last but not least you will find all the information about supplements, minerals and vitamins…etc and, how to set all information together to create a complete diet plan from A to Z based on your Goal, the food you love and your lifestyle.

PS: If you are a vegan or following a specific kind of dieting you will also be able to use the tools to follow the diet plan and strategies by Fit For Life Programs.

Exercise library

In the exercise library we created +300 videos for you and we will keep creating more and more when needed to cover all the exercises for your workout programs. The videos of each exercise are easily found as links in your personalized workout programs, in which we show you how to perform your exercises.

You will also always have access to the full library for gym & home workouts. The videos of Fit For Life Programs library are high resolution and filmed from different angles in a way that lets you perform every single exercise safely and efficiently.

Cardio and abs workouts

Regardless of your Goal, Cardio is an important part of fitness for many reasons. For example, cardio can benefit brain and joint health, increases the oxygen supply therefore allowing muscles to work harder, helps sexual function, burns extra fats and many more.

ABS exercises are also important in improving your performance, reducing lower back pain, improving posture and stability, strengthening your core, enhancing the look of your packs and much more. For these reasons we have mentioned the recommended amount of cardio based on your goal to boost your results and also created some inspirational ABS and Cardio workouts for You to choose from to keep it more interesting and motivating.

Important to know

For people Who

  • Want to get fit, stay fit and feel great.

  • Want to add more muscle mass.

  • Want to know how to create the best diet.

  • Men / women – The program is personalized for men and women.

  • time-clock

    Busy people – People who want to spend less time at the gym and still make progress.

  • one-number-round

    Beginners – People with little experience or no experience at all.

  • two-number-round

    The Intermediate – Aware of the basics and wants to make sure to keep progressing and being fit for life.

  • three-number-round

    Intermediate advanced – Experienced and wants to take it to the next level and/or to improve a specific muscle group/exercise.

Not for!

  • Bodybuilders – People who are competing at the stage.

  • Seniors – People who are above 59 years young.

How much?

  • dollar-sign
    All this would charge as much as one cup of coffee per week. It costs you 4.9 euros/week and we charge you every 6 weeks which is 29.90 euros in total.

How it works?

  • Subscription

    • Once you become a member of Fit For Life Programs, you will receive a questionnaire to help us create the most suitable workout plan for you.
    • You can choose to subscribe on a six (6) weeks basis, or annually (on a one year basis) to save money.

  • waiting-list

    New program every six weeks

    • You will receive a new questionnaire, as known as the ‘’quiz’’ every six weeks. This will help you stay motivated, keep progressing and stay fit for life.
    • As a member, you will also have an access to all of our tools and informations you need in your journey, a Grocery list, How to diet and calculate your calories and macros, In action plan and much more.

Choose your Plan

Free Membership

  • Lifetime
  • Limited access to our content

6 weeks membership

29.90 €
  • 4.90€ / week
  • New program every six (6) weeks
  • Payment every six weeks
  • Get access to all of our content
  • Valid until further notice

One year membership

199.90 € 239€
  • Save 40 Euros
  • One time payment
  • 8 programs
  • New program every six (6) weeks
  • Get access to all of our content

Contact information

  • info@fitforlifeprograms.com
  • Helsinki, Finland

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