Our story

For as long as we can remember, we have been fitness lovers. Getting fit and staying fit has been a life-changing decision for both of us. We are living the flexible fitness life.

After years of self-taught training and seeing constant results, we wanted to learn how to teach, motivate and inspire people the best way so that they can achieve the great feeling of living the fit life.

We as certified personal trainers wanted to start sharing our knowledge and helping everyone becoming Fit For Life.

The story of Fit For Life Programs

As soon as we saw each other’s social media profiles, we started working together and became friends. As fashion & fitness bloggers, we knew that we were two of the very few men who does it in Finland and therefore we share this rare passion about social media blogging. We also share similiar history about education and work. We both are personal trainers. 

As bloggers and personal trainers, we love to inspire and help people becoming the best version of themselves. We thought that posting pictures and videos was not enough for changing people’s lives. 

After just few months of blogging, we started getting lots of questions about fitness through social media. Noticing this was one of the many reasons why we started creating Fit For Life Programs.

We are living in 2021, which means that the Internet is full of bad information. It is time to finally free people from drowning into too much information and start saving time. We wanted to create something that covers everything you need to know about fitness and reaching your goals. 

We are extremely happy to start teaching and motivating people to live happier & healthier life. 

Valtteri Rantanen

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Studies
  • Personal Trainer by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Suomen Urheiluopisto, Vierumäki)
  • 1300+ working hours as a Personal Trainer

Mohamad El Miari

  • Certified personal trainer ISSA
  • Transformation specialist
  • +2 years as a personal trainer

Contact information

  • info@fitforlifeprograms.com
  • Helsinki, Finland

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