Fit for life programs is personalized workout plans and meal plan tools for men and women.

Once you subscribe to our website you will receive a link to take a questionnaire to answer and submit, within 48-72 hours of submitting you will receive your plan for 6 weeks.

Our programs are science based designed by certified personal trainers to meet your needs and fit your schedule in order to achieve your goals and be happy and fit for life. Moreover by subscription we will be able to walk with you step by step towards your new life. adding to this that our service cost as much as a cup of coffee per week or maybe less.

Because Fit For Life Programs is about creating personal programs. We carefully go through your answers in the questionnaire and make the best program for You.

Questionnaire is a form of questions you need to answer before you get your plan.as we mentioned before these programs are customized just for you and in order to create the best program for you we need to have some information about your age, gender, goals…etc.

After subscription you will receive a personalised workout plan based on your goal, schedule, gym or home workouts (depends on your answers) valid for 6 weeks with all the sets, reps and rest times, you’ll also get exclusive videos and instructions for every exercise you have to perform.

We will send you also all the tools to build your best diet plan, like a calculator for your daily calories and macros, grocery list of most common foods and the nutritional informations of them, you will also receive more information about how to track your food and progress and how to make the necessary adjustments to keep progressing. Moreover you will get more information about refeed days, deload weeks and how to apply these in order to maximize your results.

Last but not least you will find more informations about every single crucial thing important to meet your goals, like sleep,recovery, supplements..etc

In case you unsubscribed from our service you will be bale you use your personalised program for the paid time (6 weeks)

We in fit for life programs will not force you to change your life style, otherwise we will give you all the crucial information to build your own diet plan, whether you was vegan or not you will be able to build your diet plan and achieve your goals.

You can choose to pay through Credit Card, PayPal,……

You can choose to pay every six (6) weeks, which means that the payment will be charged automatically from your bank account every six (6) weeks until the subscription is cancelled.

You can choose the one  time payment for one (1) year membership. This is the cheapest payment method.

We are certified personal trainers with passion to share our knowledge with people who are looking for the best. ( check about us section for more)

Simply because it’s your friend’s program, in other words it’s not personalised for you.

As we mentioned before, the programs are science based and customized for you to achieve your goals with all the sources to perform the exercises well and to make sure that you are not hurting yourself.

The personal trainer at your gym is a good trainer and he definitely will help you as much as we do, the idea is to do what makes you consistent , keep you safe and help you achieve your goals.

In the questionnaire you will have a space to write your comment about anything you need to add before you submit and we will make sure to review your words carefully in  order to create the best program for you.

Not yet. We are working on that.

Contact information

  • info@fitforlifeprograms.com
  • Helsinki, Finland

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