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Our Services

Fully customized workout plan

You will get yourself a personalized workout program. You can choose to workout at the gym or at home. The programs will be fitted to your schedule so that you can easily stay consistant while enjoying your life.

All the infos to create the best diet plan

You will get all the needed informations to calculate daily calories and macros to help you create the best diet ever. The diet that fits your lifestyle to achieve your goal. You will also receive a grocery list and explanations about nutrition and dieting and find the most suitable foods & possible diets.

If you are a vegan or following a specific kind of dieting you will still be able to use the tools to follow the diet plan and strategies  by Fit For Life Programs.

Exercise library

The exercises are easily found as links in your personalized workout programs, in which we show and explain how to perform the exercises safely and efficiently. You will also have the access to the full library for gym & home workouts at all times. The exercise library of Fit For Life Programs covers everything & even more than you need to, lose fat, build muscle, build strength, and stay healthy.

Cardio and abs workouts

In the programs we have mentioned the recommended amount of cardio to boost your results. You will have different options to choose from to keep it more interesting. You will also have access to the ab exercises and we chose to give you freedom to choose fun and different ab workouts every time. 

Services Important to know!

For Who?

Wants to get fit, stay fit and feel great.

Are looking for adding more muscle mass.

Men/women – The program is personalised for men and women.

Busy people – For people who want to spend less time at the gym and still makes progress.

Beginner – People with little experience or no experience at all

Intermediate * little exp. Amd want to cont. Progressing…. – People who knows the basics and wants to make sure to keep progressing and being fit for life

Intermediate advanced. Exp. and want to take it for next level or want to improve body parts. – People who are experienced and wants to take it to the next level and/or to improve a specific muscle group/exercise

Not for!

Bodybuilders – We believe that bodybuilders have enough knowledge and would not get the best out of Fit For Life Programs.

Seniors – We decided to give more time to create a seperate service for seniors. However, if you are in an urgent need of professionals’ support, feel free to contact us for a 1 on 1 coaching.

How it work?

Subscription – Once you become a member of Fit For Life Programs, you will recieve a questionnaire to help us create the most suitable workout plan for you.

New program every six week – You will recieve a new questionnaire, as known as ‘’quiz’’ every six weeks. This will help you stay motivated, keep progressing and stay fit for life.

How much?

All this would charge as much as one cup of coffee per week.

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