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There are two different ways to subscribe to Fit For Life Programs. After entering your personal information, you can choose to subscribe:

Once you become a member of Fit For Life Programs, and the payment is done you will receive an assessment questionnaire, the ‘’Quiz’’ to help us create the most suitable workout plan for you.

After submitting your answers, we will create and deliver your program to your My Account Page within 72 hours and you will get an email when your program is ready.


New program every six weeks

No matter what plan you subscribe to (6 weeks or 1 year) You will receive a new assessment questionnaire (the ‘’Quiz’’) every six weeks as a link to your email address.

The 6 weeks Quiz will help us track your progress, change your program depending on your updates to keep you progressing and motivated toward the Fit Life.

The new program will contain all the information from the previous one with new workout program.

What will you get in your account?

A Workout Program (which will constantly be updated)
  • You will find your personalized workout plan with filmed exercises as links, sets, repetitions, and recommended cardio workouts to help you workout safely and effectively.
Fit For Life Programs diet
  • To help you create your own diet, the diet that fits your lifestyle and will help you to achieve your short and long term goals, we added a section about our approach for flexible dieting and how to apply it to your life.
Daily Calories and Macros
  • In this section you will find an automatic calculator. By entering basic information about what you like, your gender, age, current stats and goals you will get your daily Calories and Macros needed to achieve your goals. You will also have an option to choose between balanced, low fat and low carbohydrate diets to make sure that it will be suitable for your lifestyle.
In action plan
  • The information you find here will help you put everything (Calories, Macros, diet approach) together to create your personalized diet and start taking solid steps toward your goal.
  • We added a grocery list of the most common foods and their nutritional information to help you start your journey.
  • We also added two strategies to help you track your daily food intake to make sure you are on the right path.
Tracking your progress
  • This is all about the necessary resources to learn how to track your progress toward achieving your goals and how to make the necessary adjustments to keep progressing.
Deload and diet breaks
  • To keep progressing and maximize your results it is important to know, how and when to have deload weeks, refeed days and breaks if you are dieting on a caloric deficit.
  • When it comes to strength training and dieting we cannot leave you without more information about the supplements that really work (if needed), how much and when to take them.
Cardio and Abs
  • We added and will continue adding (on a monthly basis) some inspiring cardio and abs workouts for you to add to your weekly routine.
  • YES, it is about other things that affect your training, dieting and results like sleep, micronutrients, recovery and more. JOIN US to fully understand what we are talking about.

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  • New program every six (6) weeks
  • Payment every six weeks
  • Get access to all of our content
  • Valid until further notice

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  • Save 40 Euros
  • One time payment
  • 8 programs
  • New program every six (6) weeks
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