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We are extremely happy to see you working toward the Fit Life, and hope that you have had an amazing journey with us so far. Here is your new assessment for the next six weeks.

Next step is to fill the Quiz. The Quiz is a form of questions you need to answer before you get your workout plan. As we mentioned before, Fit For Life Programs are customized just for you and in order to create the best program for you we need to have some information about your age, gender, goals, schedule… etc.

If you choose to workout at home make sure to know your experience level, for example how many push ups and body weight squats you can do (or if you are not able to do at all) in one set. Note that we are asking these questions to help us create you a convenient workout program, so you do not have to be 100% accurate by the numbers.

Your personalized workout program will be delivered to your account page within 72 hours once you have answered to the Quiz.

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We wish you an amazing journey with us!

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