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Fully customized workout plan

Based on our beliefs, when it comes to Fitness and creating programs there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and building a great program is beyond choosing the exercises or copying the same programs over and over for everyone hoping that it works.

We at Fit For Life Programs believe that everyone of you is SPECIAL and we treat you this way. And because everyone is here for different reasons and has different lifestyle, every workout program is Personalized based on your current stats, goal, gender, schedule, level of experience, age and place of training.

All the info to create the best diet plan

We created a calculator that helps you estimate your daily Calories and Macros (protein, carb, fat) to set a starting point to build your PERSONAL diet that fits your lifestyle and to achieve your goal on the short and long term. You will also get all the needed information about our diet strategy, how to follow it and how to keep going and progressing.

We have also created a basic grocery list for you with nutrition information for every single food on the list to help you build the needed knowledge about food. Last but not least you will find all the information about supplements, minerals and vitamins…etc and, how to set all information together to create a complete diet plan¬† from A to Z based on your Goal, the food you love and your lifestyle.

PS: If you are a vegan or following a specific kind of dieting you will also be able to use the tools to follow the diet plan and strategies by Fit For Life Programs.